Quick determination of coal power plant quality & process parameters

Determination of crucial parameters for coal power plant operators

  • Availability of live stream parameters crucial for further improvement of coal combustion processes
  • Mineral phase analyses predicting fouling/slagging and corrosion problems, especially in case of unusual behavior caused by biomass co-combustion
  • Related manufacturers and service providers benefit from know-how increase for their turn-key plants and attractive device service business

By Products Sales

  • Continuous determination of harmless and toxic ashes or ash components
  • Reducing ash disposal cost and leveraging ash sales income of coal power plants

Increasing standards

  • Faster and more detailed clean coal and ash analysis

Characterization of size-separated coal combustion by-products

By Products Sales

  • Size-separation of coal combustion products increase sales potential of higher-value fractions and reduce disposal cost of low-value fractions


  • Combined analysis of crystalline and glass phases of samples allows detailed characterization
  • Chemometric analysis of ash samples, which can be combined/ cross-validated with RDX/EDX and RBS measurements, validates sales value of fractions (according to size, heavy metal contents etc.)