Raman-HPLC Combination

Detection of difficult components in analytical and preparative HPLC

  • Distinction of different oligomers and separation of biotechnological API such as peptides, carbohydrates etc.
  • Element-specific detectors for phosphor, sulfur…
  • Chiral components
  • Impurity characterization
    • API side components
    • Stability testing by-products (hardly identifed via LC-MS stanards)
  • HPLC column management
    • via actual separation results instead of defined retention times which is less and less reproducible with increasing age of HPLC columns
High Pressure Liquid Chromatography
  • Standard separation technology for soluble, UV- sensitive components
  • manyfold separation techniques
  • very small amounts detectable
Raman Spectroscopy
  • solid and solved samples possible
  • also non-UV-detectable compounds
  • Distinction of different structures at same retention time

HPLC and Raman Detection:
Very powerful combination of two excellent technologies

Separation of biotechnological API such as peptides, carbohydrates etc.

Reliable continuous detection of chiral components, impurities etc.