AViSpectro means Analytical Vibrational Spectroscopy.

It is AViSpectro’s Mission to enable routine process and quality control by vibrational spectroscopy to industrial customers in energy and pharma applications.
The application of Raman Spectroscopy to industrial challenges in energy and pharma is core focus of AViSpectro.
Further analytical vibrational spectroscopy methods such as Infra-Red (IR) and Tera—Hertz (THz) – spectroscopy are complementing the focus. This enables AViSpetro to offer a comprehensive tool box to customers in order to ideally adress their specific analytical requirements and challenges.

Core Technology Raman Spectroscopy

State of the Art

  • Raman Spectroscopy is a fast, non-destructive method which can provide deep insights into the composition of samples. In many cases, these insights cannot adequately be gained by other analytical methods.
  • Known since more than 80 years, high technical requirements of Raman Spectroscopy have however restricted its usage so far mainly to research segments.


  • Groundbreaking innovations in laser and microscope techniques as well as recent software and hardware developments enable industrial application now.
  • Open topics in current areas to be tackled via Raman spectroscopy:
    • Energy: cleantech, economical industry transition
    • Pharma: biotech molecules, regulatory approvals

Connection for customer to Instrumentation supplier

Customers in energy & pharma

Customers in energy and pharma industries have very specific requirements for quality and process control. They normally do not possess detailed understanding of the Raman technology background. Their analytical laboratory staff normally is therefore not prepared to utilize commercial Raman spectrometers on a daily basis.

Instrumentation Suppliers

Instrumentation suppliers on the other hand offer in most cases technology-driven high-end Raman devices, mainly for R&D purposes. They are normally not able to adapt these instruments to individual customer needs. The first generation of low-end hand-held devices furthermore has failed initial high expectations on the customer side. Implementation of Raman spectroscopy in the industry is therefore still rather low.

Connection for customer to Instrumentation supplier

It is core for AViSpectro to develop a very detailed understanding of industrial customer needs. Together with its cooperation partner Leibniz-Institute for Photonic Technology, AViSpectro is connecting customers and Instrumentation Suppliers. Customer needs get fulfilled via tailored equipment and/ or individual analytical service support – both proven in specific customer applications. Individual service support may generate new applications for tailored product solutions. Customers can also get support via individual advise – independant from instrumentation suppliers – as well as training of their employees.

Instrumentation Suppliers

  • Offer technology-driven high-end Raman devices mainly for R&D purposes
  • Do not adapt instruments to customer needs
  • First low-end hand-held devices failed high expectations

Detailed understanding of customer needs

Connecting customer needs & tailored equipment, training of customer employees

Service business generates applications for product business

Customers in energy & pharma

  • Specific requirements for quality and process control
  • No detailed understanding of Raman technology background
  • Laboratory staff not prepared to utilize R&D Raman instruments


AViSpectro is actively developing Foreground IP in cases where our solutions differentiate in compelling manner from the state of the art – both technology- and/application-wise.
A collaboration agreement between IPHT and AViSpectro enables both parties to jointly develop new IP. In addition to developed own IP, the collaboration agreement with IPHT also enables AViSpectro to commercialize selected further Intellectual Property.